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Back in August of 2014 was the 10 year anniversary of my ordination to ministry of word and sacrament (what it was formerly called, now called teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church USA).  A kind friend sent me flowers to commemorate the occasion and I took the time to reflect on the top 10 things which I find meaningful in ministry.   Here is the link to that posting from 2014.

For many years now I have kept a small spiral notebook on my bedside table.  Sometimes I use the notebook when I have a thought about scripture I have been studying or a sermon I have rolling around in my brain.  Also found within the notebook is a list of my top 10 days.  Those days which have had a profound, and often, life-changing impact on my existence.  I won’t bore you with my list, unless you are interested, in which case you can let me know.  However, I would like to share with you a day that just made it onto the list. (I’m wearing the blue hat.)

Marathon Pic 1  April Finish B

Marathon Pic 3 This third picture is the one that sums up why this day is on my top 10 list.  Thanks to Ann Papesh for the screenshot of me finishing my first marathon in 4:38:55 and at a respectable pace of 10:39 per mile.  I will forever remember this exact moment, coming across the finish line, and on the verge of tears, realizing that I actually ran a marathon.  It may not seem like a big deal, but when I signed up April 1st, it seemed sort of unreal.  I can tell you that standing in the corral next to the yet-to-be finished future home of the Minnesota Vikings, 26.2 miles still seemed, well, unrealistic, or at the very least beyond my understanding. Even though I had done 20 mile training runs, 26.2 seemed beyond my comprehension and figurative grasp.   I won’t be so cliche as to say it takes a village to run a marathon, but I will say that I had an imaginary team of people who supported, encouraged, and believed in me.

People have come into my life whose sole function is to cheer me on and have faith in me.  Even if I feel undeserving, God has still showered me with people of grace who are filled with wisdom.  I look at the Rocky Mountains and know God exists, and I can also look at the people in my life and KNOW God exists and wants me to thrive and be overcome with emotion when I set a goal and accomplish it.  Definitely top 10 worthy!

About dminrevapril

I am a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), who loves writing, reading, running, spending time with my family, and trying to make the world a better place.
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