Transformation…let’s all be transformers

In this Holy Season of Lent, I have a certain idea about transformation aka change.  I think of Easter Lilies and spring and the resurrection and how every one of those transformations are significant.  I also think reflect on my life and the greater world around me and then I worry.  I worry that we are killing this gift of a planet.  I worry that my kids are growing up in a world that doesn’t want to protect them.  I worry for all the children of the world who don’t have access to healthcare or education or food or clean water.  I worry about the way the children and  youth are often considered second-class citizens and their opinions are minimized or totally disregarded.  When I’m feeling less than hope-full, I thankfully see something or hear someone that reminds me that all is not lost, and indeed with the grace of God we can made a difference, and dare I say it, we can make the world a better place.

I know it is just a parking meter wherein donations (coins and via credit cards) can be made, but it was a reminder that I needed.  First a reminder to pay attention for ways, both small and large, that I can participate in making the world a better place.  Second, I was encouraged to act and model ways which are consistent with what I believe.  Preaching the gospel without words, showing love, grace, kindness, and compassion, in the everyday moments of my being.  Change does not happen when people sit idly by, transformation happens through interactions with others.  As we reflect on our lives during Lent, prayerfully seeking to be the people God has called us to be, I am comforted to know that every little bit matters because the suffering Jesus is also the forgiving Jesus.  Jesus invites us to reorient our lives so that we can lean into our fears, speak truth to power, and change the world for the better.  Lenten blessings to you.


About dminrevapril

I am a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), who loves writing, reading, running, spending time with my family, and trying to make the world a better place.
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